Our Teams

A team consists of individuals, whether human or non-human, collaborating to reach a shared objective. It’s a collective where people rely on each other for information, resources, knowledge, and skills, pooling their efforts to attain a common goal.

Rais Ahmad bhat
Rais Ahmad Bhat
Managing Director

Rais Ahmad Bhat, born in the picturesque region of Jammu and Kashmir, embodies the spirit of adventure and hospitality. As the Managing Director of Aarabal Holidayz Tour, he brings forth a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted passion for showcasing the beauty and culture of his homeland to travelers from around the globe.

Nasir hamid bhat
Nasir Hamid Bhat
Managing Director

Nasir Hamid Bhat, as the Managing Director of Aarabal Holidayz Tour, is a visionary leader with a profound commitment to showcasing the unparalleled beauty and rich cultural heritage of Jammu and Kashmir. Born and raised in this breathtaking region, Nasir's deep-rooted connection to his homeland fuels his passion for creating extraordinary travel experiences that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Raja ali
Raja Ali
Tour Operator

As the Director of Aarabal Holidayz Tour, Raja Ali is a visionary tour operator with a deep passion for showcasing the natural beauty and cultural richness of Jammu and Kashmir. With years of experience in the travel industry and a profound love for his homeland, Raja leads his team with dedication and enthusiasm, ensuring that every traveler experiences the magic of this enchanting region.

Maiser Ahmad Mir

Maiser Ahmad is an exceptional HR professional with a proven track record of delivering outstanding results. With a keen understanding of human resource management principles and practices, Maiser consistently demonstrates a high level of expertise in various HR functions.

Nazia Hasaan
Finance Head

Nazia Hassan is an outstanding Finance Head, renowned for her exceptional leadership and expertise in financial management. With a wealth of experience in the field of finance, Nazia has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive financial success and strategic growth within organizations.

Razia Sultan
Razia Sultan
Tour Consultant

Razia Sultan is an outstanding Tour Consultant, renowned for her unparalleled expertise and dedication to crafting unforgettable travel experiences. With a passion for exploration and a deep understanding of the travel industry, Razia brings creativity, professionalism, and personalized service to every client interaction.